Rey Alonzo



¡Dios les bendiga my name is Reynaldo Alonzo! Together with my lovely fiancé Yesenia, we help bring leadership to the Hispanic Ministry here at New Creation. God has marked us to be a voice to help establish and extend God's kingdom in the Hispanic community in the River Valley. We love people and have compassionate hearts towards the hurting and broken. The Hispanic community has won our hearts and we delight to do God's will as we count it a privilege and an honor. Yesenia is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Nursing as she has a heart to serve and love on people. I am currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and a Bachelor of Science in the language of Spanish.


Fun Facts

What’s your favorite movie? TV Show?
"Fresh Prince” from back in the day.
Spending time with my beautiful fiance, playing music, hanging out with friends and studying the Word.
Favorite Olympic sport to watch?
Bobsledding … Cool Runnings!!