6th - 12th Grade | Every Wednesday | 6:30-8pm


A movement of a generation living completely for Jesus.

This is the FAM: our story is epic but for now we want you to know you are meant to know the One who created you and what your purpose in life is. To know Jesus and to glorify Him in all you do. Through prayer, we believe Jesus revealed to us two things, 1. Teenagers can genuinely know Him and His love, and 2. Jesus likes having fun! So, whether you’re brand new or grew up believing you’re whole life, you’re invited to be apart of God’s BIG story and change the world!

-Anthony & Sara

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Saturday Nights
Invite your friends because it's the place to be! We share a meal together (who doesn’t like food?), play games, hangout, watch funny videos, & more. Everyone is invited! This typically happens 1-2 a month.



Every Sunday from 1-3pm
What the guys have called “Real Talk” is a growing brotherhood of young men learning who they are meant to be in Christ. This is a time where questions can be answered, life can be lived together, and God can encounter.


Every Thursday from 3:15-4:15pm at Panera Bread Company
This growing sisterhood meets to hangout, have fun & share laughs together, and be there for one real life. This is a friendly, welcoming group so meet us at Panera on a Thursday!


Revolution Summer Camp 2017

June 11-15th
Location: Camp Shamineau in Motley, MN
Cost: $240 (everything included except a meal or two during travel)
A super awesome, fun filled 5 days! Every year students get encountered by the love of Jesus and feel way more connected with others in the group. We run this summer camp and have a blast with crazy games, passionate times of worship, powerful teachings & life-changing response times. We highly encourage everyone to go! We put in months of planning to allow everyone to have an amazing time!

Infusion Kansas City Teen Camp

June 22-July 2nd
Location: YWAM (Youth With A Mission) Base in Kansas City, MO
Cost: $240 (everything included except 2-4 meals during travel)
An 11-day experience for our group with awesome speakers, worship teams, and leaders! YWAM is one of the most well known youth missions organizations and every year students walk away changed (main messages include "Identity in Christ" and how to witness to your friends/school). There are opportunities to learn and be trained in how to share the gospel with others. We are excited for everyone going!

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