REVolution yth

6th - 12th Grade | Every Wednesday | 6:30-8pm


This is family: our story is epic but for now we want you to know you are meant to know the One who created you & find your purpose in life. To know Jesus & to glorify Him in all you do. Through prayer, we believe Jesus revealed to us two things, 1. Teens can genuinely know God & experience His love, and 2. Jesus likes having fun! So, whether you’re brand new or grew up believing you’re entire life, you’re invited to be apart of God’s BIG story & change the world! We have a lot going on throughout the month, so stay up to date by following us @RevoultionYTH on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter & Youtube. If you have any questions you can email



REAL TALK every Sunday 6:00-8:00PM
“Real Talk” is a growing brotherhood of young men learning who they are in Christ. Life is lived together, fun is had, questions are answered, & God moves to transform & raise up a standard of what a Godly teen can look like. (follow @RevolutionYTH on social media for address)


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This growing sisterhood hangs out, has fun & shares laughs together! We are there for each other! This is a friendly, welcoming group so make sure to follow @RevolutionYTH on social media for scheduled events.

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