Alyssa Miller


PHOP Director & Administrative Assistant

Hello! My name is Alyssa. I have been married to my high school sweetheart, Andrew who works for New Creation as well, since 2004. We have 4 pretty amazing kids; Simon, Olivia, Salah and Elisha. I have been attending New Creation since 2001. I found Jesus here, attended their school and found my husband. I learned to play the piano and grew as a worship leader as well. My children have grown up in this church. A couple of years ago I started my job at the church cleaning toilets, polishing mirrors and vacuuming floor. Now you can find me in the church office doing my best to help where I can so the Pastors can continue to do the amazing things they do every week!


Fun facts

What fascinates you?
The thought of eternity. What it will look like after the 1,000 year reign after Christ’s return. And then what it, whatever that “it” is, will look like after that and after that and after see my point :)
Bucket list items?
Taking my family to the Holy Land