Eli Laughlin


Facilities Manager

Hey, my name is Eli and I'm married to my beautiful, Aussie wife, Jenna and we have two lovely children Sparrow and Oceans! As far as my work at New Creation goes, I have a lot of little duties around the church that people might not really see. Simply, I play a part in making sure everything is running smoothly inside and outside. I'm one of the many worship leaders at New Creation and work a lot with the youth and young adult team, training and raising up the current and next generation of worshipers. When I'm not at work, my favorite things to do are hanging with my best friend (my wife), traveling the world, music and photography.


Fun Facts

What fascinates you?
I am always fascinated by God's creation... by huge mountains, vast oceans, powerful storms, and by the billions of people in this world... and then be reminded that Earth is just a fleck of dust floating in our Galaxy. OUR GOD IS HUGE!
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Email: eli@newcreationwoc.org