Jenny Hammes


PHOP Worship Director & Community Coordinator

Hi! Newly married, I'm excited for this next season with my husband and to find out what God has in store for us! Originally from this area, I lived out of state to go to the International House of Prayer University and moved back to Minnesota in 2014 to begin working for Potter’s House of Prayer. I’ve known since I was a teenager that I wanted to be a part of working in occupational ministry. My passion is worship and I love seeing people get set free through praise. It’s an honor to serve alongside these people and I am thrilled to be a part of what God is doing in the River Valley Region!


Fun Facts

What fascinates you?
Learning about different cultures
Random crafting projects from reupholstering a chair to refinishing an old vanity or creating a handmade card
If you could have one superpower what would you have?
The ability to snap my fingers after rolling out of bed and instantly be ready for the day, hair, make up, outfit and all...while we're at it why not make it for getting ready for bed too. It would save so much time and allow time for more sleep!!