What We Believe


Our Essential Beliefs

Jesus is Everything

We believe Jesus should be first in all areas of life. We believe that Christ gave everything for us when He didn’t have to. Therefore, we joyfully and lovingly give Him all of our lives in return.

The Holy Spirit is Moving

We believe the goodness of God is more than an idea or Christian cliché but a living reality every person can encounter. We believe God loves to heal the sick, restore the broken, revive the weary, lift up the downcast, deliver the bound, and show mercy to all.

God is Good

We believe God is better than we could have ever imagined; that He looks upon His people with love not condemnation, mercy not judgement, and kindness not coldness. We believe the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus are the definitive statement about how far God was willing to go to show His love for the world.

The World is in Need

We believe the world is in desperate need of healing and restoration; that the gospel was never meant to stay within the four walls of the church but that it is the life-changing power of God which is able to transform every person. We believe the church should be actively showing and demonstrating God’s goodness to the hurting, poor, and broken people of our city, region, and world.

The Church is Loving

We believe the church should be the tangible expression of God’s goodness and love. We believe coming to church should be something to look forward to not something to dread and the people you encounter there should be warm and welcoming to all.

Full Statement of Faith