Dakota Ride

Dakota Ride

time 6:00 pm

December 25, 2018


December 26, 2018

We have the opportunity once again to provide desserts for the Native American community who will participate in this year’s annual “Dakota 38+2” horseback ride. There will be a meal and ceremony held for the riders and supporters directly following the ride’s conclusion in Mankato, Minnesota on December 25th and 26th. We are committed to provide 50 dozen cookies or bars. Please Let us know how many desserts you plan to make by signing up below. The desserts should be dropped off at the church, in a disposable container from December 18th-21st. Thank you in advance for demonstrating care for this community!


    Type of TreatsCookiesBarsOther Christmas Treats9 x 13in Cake

    Quantity1 Dozen Cookies/Bars/Others2 Dozen Cookies/Bars/Others1 Cake2 Cakes