Let’s Read the Bible Together

Let’s Read the Bible Together

time 12:00 am

October 1, 2021


October 28, 2021

Starting October 1st we’re encouraging our church family to jump into the book of Acts together for 28 days! Whether reading the Bible is new for you or something you’ve done regularly for years––this is for you!

There are two ways you can join us!
  1. YouVersion – Click HERE to join us over on the YouVersion Bible app where each day you’ll be prompted to read a chapter and will have a short devotional to go with it to help you go deeper! Joining us here will allow you to engage with others who’ve also joined the Bible Plan!
  2. Follow along with our calendar – Grab an October calendar at the info booth or download the copy online to see the daily reading and read along with us!

We will be reading one chapter a day. We made it easy for you to remember which chapter we are on based on what day of the month it is. On October 1st we will be reading Acts 1 and on October 5th we will be reading Acts 5. Please reach out to us with any questions.


Download our Acts Outline HERE