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6th - 12th Grade | Every Wednesday | 6:30-8pm


This is family: our story is epic but for now we want you to know you are meant to know the One who created you & find your purpose in life. To know Jesus & to glorify Him in all you do. Through prayer, we believe Jesus revealed to us two things, 1. Teens can genuinely know God & experience His love, and 2. Jesus likes having fun! So, whether you’re brand new or grew up believing you’re entire life, you’re invited to be apart of God’s BIG story & change the world! We have a lot going on throughout the month, so stay up to date by following us @RevoultionYTH on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter & Youtube. If you have any questions you can email

Welcome to Revolution YTH's January Vision Packet!

Download the Packet Here
The heart behind creating the Vision Packet was to better inform,
equip, and encourage parents and leaders to more effectively disciple our kids.
I wanted to type, “Please do me a favor…” but I truly believe
you’re doing yourself & your kids a favor by reading through this month’s Vision Packet.
Pages 1-4 you’ll find an introduction to our series “In Light of Eternity.” On Page 4 you’ll find great parent follow-up questions!
Pages 5-13 are intended for Revolution YTH Leaders but feel free to read to know more of what discussions we’re having to better disciple
your children! You are irreplaceable in their life.
Feel free to email me at and let me know if you enjoy the content and if you have other topics/questions you have about the YTH.



REAL TALK every Sunday 7:30-9:30PM
“Real Talk” is a growing brotherhood of young men learning who they are in Christ. Life is lived together, fun is had, questions are answered, & God moves to transform & raise up a standard of what a Godly teen can look like. (follow @RevolutionYTH on social media for address)


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This growing sisterhood hangs out, has fun & shares laughs together! We are there for each other! This is a friendly, welcoming group so make sure to follow @RevolutionYTH on social media for scheduled events.

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