Walls Coming Down

“I grew up in the church, we were always there, but my friendships weren’t there.”

Heidi grew up being a part of a local church but she never found connection there. Through college, she lived a one-foot-in-one-foot-out of church lifestyle. When she gave her life to the Lord to be committed to Him, she knew right away she wanted to get involved and active in a church. Because of past hurtful friendships, it took her a few months to get to the point where she felt she could trust people again.

Heidi’s testimony is about the walls coming down. God began to prepare her to open her heart to people and did it in the most unexpected way: Through serving.

After signing up to serve in her local congregation, Heidi was surprised to find the women she served with in childcare and the people who came through the door as she was greeting were the very people she began to build relationships with. Serving was a safe place for her to be able to take the walls down and it opened up doors for believers to speak into her life and encourage her, bringing discipleship.

“I hear so often, ‘I just can’t get to know any people at church,’ and I think to myself, ‘just start serving.'”

– Heidi