Jesse & Rachel


Don't Lose Your Hope

Sparks flew as Rachel and Jesse met, fell in love and tied the knot to be married knowing they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Getting married in their late twenties, the newly weds soon decided to begin trying to have children right away knowing deep down they felt the desire to start a family and be parents.


After a year and a half and no news of an exciting baby announcement, they began to grow discouraged and concerned. It wasn’t long after, the doctor informed them they wouldn’t be able to have children.
. . . .

Fast forward 7 years, miracle baby on the way, excitement was bubbling for both Rachel and Jesse when delivery day came. The dream in their hearts to be parents to a beautiful healthy baby was about to come to pass! It wasn’t until they were in the midst of delivery when they noticed the doctors faces, something wasn’t right. Then began the journey they are now on today.

“It took us 6 years to get pregnant,” says Rachel, but as soon as baby Eliana Hope arrived, and complications began to unfold, disillusionment set in. “I didn’t think God would allow this to happen.” Their miracle baby was born and immediately put on oxygen, for 10 minutes little Eliana was not breathing. “All I could think after delivery was, ‘Why can’t I hear her crying?'” Then the seizures began.


During these months Rachel and Jesse have been on a journey fighting for their faith. Not understanding why God would allow this to happen, maybe you can relate. Sometimes faith is a struggle, you may find yourself struggling to stay positive, choosing to believe God is for you and your family. We don’t always understand why God allows us to walk through uncertain circumstances but we do know every opportunity is a chance to grow in faith. “Don’t give up on your hope.” Rachel advised those who find themselves in similar situations.
“Sometimes when you’re in the storm it’s all you can think of, but we have to keep refocusing our gaze on the Lord and say, Our God is bigger than that.”


– Jesse & Rachel