DAY FIVE: Lawlessness

Scripture: Matthew 24:12, 1 John 3:4, Psalm 1:1-3, Matthew 7:21-23 & Matthew 13:41

Lawlessness is a state of disorder due to disregard of the law. It means being without law, uncontrolled by a law, unbridled, unruly, unrestrained. The origin of this word means, “an utter disregard for God and His laws.” Ultimately, it is the belief that there are no moral laws that God expects Christians to obey.

Every sin is a transgression against God because sin violates His moral standard for human beings. Since God created us, He has the right to define boundaries for us. Any violation of those boundaries is a violation of His law, which means that every sin is an act of lawlessness.

The 21st century postmodern philosophy completely detracts from God’s law. Those living with this mindset think of God’s law as old or outdated. The spirit of the age champions a narcissistic mindset – living for self.

Scripture makes distinction between someone who sins, as we all do, and someone who “practices lawlessness.” A lawless person is someone who has given him or herself over completely to a sinful lifestyle. They may even consider themselves very religious and spiritual, but they have defined God as they wish Him to be, not as He is. Even those living in lawlessness can find forgiveness if they turn from their sin and receive Christ’s righteousness and salvation. We need to be sensitive to sin and be willing to repent whenever we are convicted by the Holy Spirit so we don’t become lawless.