Pioneering Fund


We have officially reached our first goal! Praise God! With your help we will continue to advance the Kingdom of God locally, globally and regionally.

What is the Pioneering Fund?

The Pioneering Fund is purposed to strengthen our base locally, be a catalyst regionally and reach the nations globally as God has commissioned us.

Jesus is the truest definition of a pioneer. He came to a dark world and pioneered it. He carried the good news and commissioned his people to do the same. Following in Jesus’ footsteps, we are a pioneering people set to bring the never changing Gospel to an ever changing world.

Our goal is reach $300,000 in $50,000 and $10,000 increments. The $50,000 increments will go towards upgrading, remodeling and fixing different areas in the church that have gone untouched for years, that will make it easier to reach and benefit our city and region. Then the $10,000 increments will go towards building a school and orphanage in Ghana, Africa through Mission Africa. We want to continue to give to both of these needs side-by-side to make an impact locally, regionally and globally as God has called us to.

Let’s continue to build upon the legacy that has been laid before us for 50+ years. The future depends on how the body of Christ responds. It takes a team to reach a dream, so let’s do this together.