Sandy Beck



One Tuesday morning, after working at the same company for 18 years in various roles, Sandy’s life took a 180 degree turn. She arrived at work just like any other day, but when she was pulled into a meeting, she never expected the end result: she was laid off. Within one hour, she had packed up her desk, shut down the company computer, and, for the last time, Sandy left the building.

While she drove home from the office that day, she thought, “Holy cow, God! What just happened?” As anyone else would think after just being laid off, she thought, “What am I going to do?”

This happened three years ago. Though this season was challenging and unexpected, this is the day when a new chapter in Sandy’s life story began.

As the days and months of being unemployed transpired, Sandy began to take steps to figure out what was next. Since she preferred to remain behind the scenes, it was tempting to take steps to stay in that type of role; God began to pull things out of Sandy that she didn’t previously know were there. She signed up for an Entrepreneurial Business class in the cities for a weekend and it was there God gave her the confidence builder she needed to step out and do something she would never have dreamed.

“God is always trying to pull things out of you that you didn’t know were there.

Sandy always had a desire: do something for another that make a difference. For years, she had her own “Blessing Fund”. She used this money to help bless people as needs arose. This was just a seed of what God had planned. She had thoughts like, “I wonder what we could do to help people with a little bit from a lot of people?” Since she was always comfortable with her job, she never took the steps to accept the challenge of answering that question.

She became uncomfortable with her unemployment. God began to challenge her to leave her comfort and taught her to “think bigger, want more, push the envelope, and to think ‘God-sized’.” She began to pray, “God, help me to think bigger.”

“God, help me to think bigger.”

In August 2016, eight months after being laid off, Sandy followed the Lord’s leading and launched Be A Blessing. Her non-profit organization partners with different faith-based non-profits each month to impact people locally and globally with the love of Christ in a tangible manner. Be A Blessing partnered with Fill That Truck! to send supplies to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. They partnered with Jackson’s Basket out of the Twin Cities to bring support and awareness for families that have children with Down Syndrome. When Puerto Rico was ravaged by hurricanes, Be A Blessing reached out to a local church to send financial help and prayers to them. These are only a few great causes that Be A Blessing has partnered with!


If you have asked Sandy years prior about her life, she would have told you she’s very comfortable; she enjoyed her job and felt her employer paid her well. She had no intention of moving on, but God had other plans.

If your life feels uncomfortable right now, fight against discouragement. In the midst of the “God, what are You doing?” questions, be expectant. Sometimes God closes a door, to open other doors. Your closed door could be an invitation to another that’s waiting to be opened. Be encouraged by Sandy’s testimony today and begin to pray: God, help me to begin to think ‘God-sized’!