Surviving the Storm

Vendors were booked, the dress was getting altered, and plans were in the works. Stephanie was engaged and preparing for a move across the country to become a wife. One ordinary day, only months away from her wedding, the phone rang and in a moment’s time, the sweetest season of her life suddenly became the hardest.

Stephanie was excited to be married to the man of her dreams when, unexpectedly, the engagement was called off. With shattered hopes, she found herself at the end of the road feeling empty and broken.

“For three months, I cried every day…I felt the lie I was damaged goods and that no one would ever want to be with me.”

In this season, aching with a broken heart, there were many days Steph felt she had nothing to offer. Each time, when it seemed she had reached her lowest, someone would text, call, visit her, or come alongside her with encouragement and prayer. “Pastor Dave was monumental during this time, he was able to sympathize with me.

Understanding the power of her thoughts and words, she declared over herself the very things she wasn’t feeling, “You will be happy,” she would speak over herself. Daily, she had to make the choice to stand in truth, “I didn’t always succeed, but God was gracious with me in those moments.”

 A year later, though there are still unanswered questions, her heart feels free. “I walked through the hardest season of my life and made it through. Now I know that whatever I face, God is with me.”

Maybe you find yourself in a difficult season like Stephanie was. We invite you to come find hope in the body of believers.

– Stephanie